BSX Logistics a Division of Bardawil Specialities Qatar is now a leading provider of local and international supply chain and transport solution in Qatar. BSX Logistics are no ordinary logistics business. Our CREATIVE and PRACTICAL approach separates us from our competitors and creates a unique service experience for our customers.

BSX Logisticsis well equipped to be your strategic partner and not just another transactional supplier.






Is to be a key partner to our clients, and to provide them a competitive logistics solution while offering the same quality service always expected from us.
We aim to be regarded as a partner that is a leader in providing a customized solutions to each of our partners.


To become a preferred supply chain partner that adapts appropriate management technique to attain high costumer satisfaction.


In line with our Vision and Mission we are committed to connecting our customers with long term solutions and outstanding service offerings. Our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements using our industry experience and competitive logistics services.

Our BSX Logistics team are well versed in continuous improvement processes and efficiency, ensuring a high level of service to our customers. This is important as our customer service strategy is underpinned by our commitment. We believed that logistics is more than simply moving your product from point to point. BSX Logistics it is also about moving information both pro-actively and reactively to provide a balanced view of your supply chain.

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Our team will assist you in evaluating the most economical solution for each particular case, at the level of professionalized expected from our company.